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Holmes Roofing

Your roof is the most important part of your home!

No two roofs are alike, and no two roofing companies are alike. We work to the specifications of the house first , but we often consult with our customers along the way. We can help you choose the roof that is right for your home by taking consideration of a host of factors. Some of which you may not know such as long-term maintenance costs, storm protection, and installation ease.

In the Indianapolis area, no one is more reliable than Holmes Roofing. With over 27 years of experience, we work with our customers to provide the best service for your roofing needs. We have maintained an excellent reputation with all our service providers by putting our customers first. Holmes Roofing is the contractor of choice for the former president of the Better Business Bureau when she needed a new roof.

Holmes Roofing in Indianapolis, is a general contractor serving a broad range of businesses and public consumers throughout the greater Indianapolis region, meeting the needs of homeowners, building owners, developers and construction companies.

As a home owner, you often have the challenge of making sure that your home holds the same appeal to you today as it did when you first purchased it. This often calls for the general repair and replacement of different aspects of your home such as windows, siding, gutters and roofing. Most people are not skilled enough to take on the repair of the most important part of your home. So contact Holmes Roofing today for a free evaluation and estimate! And remember;

"You Can Afford the Very Best!"

Edwin Holmes